Legends of Dragon's Pirates TD 1.0.3 (Unlimitied coins) Apk


"Are you ready to take over the Bones “El Draque” and his nasty Pirates? Then it is time to raise the Jolly Roger and send those sea dogs to Davy Jones Locker.
Set sail and explore this epic new strategy base Tower Defense Game.
Spanish Legends says that Bones “El Draque” – The Dragon and his band of nasty pirates sailed the waves of Atlantic Ocean, murdering & pillaging every living creature in site.
The powerful magical spirits defeated “El Draque”; his death left a wave of fog and epic horror around Cape Forchu for a long time before the ghost of Bones El Draque emerged again. Fueled by his hunger for revenge, El Draque now haunts the waves of Atlantic Ocean, and threatens to consume the entire world.
As a pirate you have to fight the magical wave of nasty “El Draque” now the fate of world is in your hands and people are relying on you to provide them defense.
Cape Forchu needs a defense strategy against the magical ghosts of Bones “El Draque “ and his band of Nasty Pirates.
Plan your defense strategy against the nasty pirates by firing your epic cannons and power ups. Collect the loot from the wrecks of your victims and use it to upgrade your tower and cannons.


► Epic battles across the Atlantic Ocean with different types of nasty enemies & Pirate Lords.
► 10 Different ports, towers to make amazing strategy with breathtaking graphics.
► Amazing and Powerful Cannons along with the towers and special upgrades.
► Three different powerups and magical powers to defeat those nasty pirates and much much more


Size         :   28 MB
Version     :  1.0.3
Requires   :  Android 2.3.3 and up
Developed By  :  One Chicken Army
Market Link :

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Modern Shooter-War Edition 1.0.2 MOD Apk


Terrorists have taken over the world. It is your mission now to save the world and make it a better place in the best First Person Shooter game Modern Shooter - War Edition. A combat game where you face dangerous enemies. Fight them until you kill each of them down and save the world.

Build strength of your guns and ammunition for individual missions. Declare war against terrosists. It's not just about War, Power & Shooting. It's about stealth, courage and strength.


Size         :   42 MB
Version     :  1.0.2
Requires   :  Android 2.3.3 and up
Developed By  :  One Chicken Army
Market Link :

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Incredible Rider: Police Chase MOD Apk Download


You are directly put on a mission to cross 25 miles on the TOUGHEST highway. Using your incredible driving skills evade police cars and TNTs thrown from the Chopper besides the highway traffic. Cross all the 5 stages successfully to complete the mission one. Each stage is of 5 miles length with its own difficulties. Prove that your are "THE INCREDIBLE RIDER" by completing the mission. You can unlock the powerful cars to experience better riding.


- Highway traffic racing mixed with chasing and action
- Realistic Driving experience
- Cinematic Chase sequences
- Random Difficulties everytime
- Unlimited NOS!
- Rightway or Wrongway, ride the way you want
- Normal & Expert Mode for Novice and Expert riders
- Auto saving stages
- Earn/Buy gold rewards to unlock powerful cars
- Facebook sharing


Size         :   70 MB
Version     :  1.0.5
Requires   : Android 2.3 and up
Developed By  :  CREATIVE Monkey
Market Link :

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Bad Little Kid - Sling & Shoot MOD (Unlimitied Candy) Android


"The game has great graphics focusing on funny animations and colorful rooms. Hilarious animations and facial expressions will have you laughing at times" (Play Buzz)
The funniest slingshot game!
Be a naughty boy again who refuses to go to school in this free flick game! Armed with your slingshot, escape from your crazy family and destroy everything in the house!
“The school bus will soon be here; it’s time to go to school!” Your objective in this game: don’t let your family catch you; they want to send you to school. Use your slingshot to keep them away, but be careful not to fire at Buddie, your raccoon!


• Break free from your family and stay away for as long as possible!
• Go through all the rooms in the house: from kitchen to bathroom!
• Grab your slingshot, adjust your fire… and aim to be right on target! Make as many headshots as you can!
• Blow the furniture up and destroy everything in your path!
• Upgrade your slingshot and find special projectiles to cause even more damage!
• You want to smash everything up? Have fun in “Full Destruction” mode!


• Fully destructible environments!
• Special superpower projectiles: LaBomba to blow everything up, Freezerator to freeze your parents, Rocket Pigeon to zero in on your target…
• 5 types of slingshots (recycled, wood, metal, gold and diamond) that are even faster
• 5 types of projectiles to cause maximum damage (gumball, golf ball, tennis ball, pool ball and baseball)
• A flick game with superb 3D graphics
• Funny and wacky animations and characters for hours of fun!


Size           :   37 MB
Requires   :  Varies by Device
Developed By  : Heliceum
Market Link :
 Download Bad Little Kid - Sling & Shoot (Unlimitied Candy & Batterai)

Speaker Pro v1.2.9 Android App


Speakers screen Live Wallpaper. It is realistic renderer speakers. In your choice of several options for the speakers, and the cage lower Visualizer.

Evaluate the application engine output noise power of smartphones in the selected frequency band, and then produce a spark speaker cone is proportional to the signal level.
Check out the trial version of the application for review - Speaker Screen free.

NOTE: On some devices, the program can not work properly due to the use of add - ons of their own producers. This application may not support multiple media players. It is desirable to see the free version of the application.

As in most applications of this type, it is possible to choose the theme of the pre - configured or adjust everything yourself.
The list of options available:
- Predefined themes;
- Background (box).
- Speaker. You can choose the type of speakers.
- Sensitivity. Parameter determines the reaction dynamics in bursts of sound.
Speaker - figuration. You can choose the design.
- Number of speakers. You can choose one or two.
- Frequency Band. You can choose the frequency band in which the engine is to evaluate the noise level.
- Vibration. Turning animations vibration small speaker for sound vibrations.
- There is no music. The inclusion of animation work without voice output.
sound waves
- Intensity. You can choose the radius of the sound wave animation.
- Color.
-Wave. Enable or Disable.
- Color.
- Opacity.
- Caps Visualizer. You can choose a free or bound.
- Color - caps.
Speed ​​drop-caps. Operates on free caps.
- High. You can adjust the height of the Visualizer.
Dash - style.
- Arc. Adding a small curvature of the Visualizer.
- Smoothing. Enable anti - aliasing filter for smooth operation Visualizer.
- There is no music. The inclusion of animation work without voice output.
-enable / Disable.


Size          :   19 MB
Version     :  1.2.9
Requires   : Android 2.3 and up
Developed By  :  SETTRUEAPPS
Market Link :
 Download Speaker Pro v1.2.9