Captain Sabertooth 1.3 Apk Data


Heave ahoy! The King of the Sea smells gold! Join Captain Sabertooth and his most trusted men in sea battles and treasure hunts, in storms and hurricanes, with fun and games. Tully serves up rat soup! Are YOU ready for a dangerous voyage on The Dark Lady?
Whether you're a first timer or a real pirate, you will find a fun game experience with exploration, sailing and sea battles. Go on fishing trips, play tic-tac-toe and help feed hungry pirates in Tully's galley. The main goal is to fill Captain Sabertooth's treasure room with gold and treasure!
Suitable for Captain Sabertooth fans of all ages – ship ahoy pirates young and old!
• Find all the rings in Captain Sabertooth's ring collection!
• Sink other pirate ships and take their treasure!
• The more you play – the more you will get to play with!
• The catch from the fishing trip ends up on the menu for Tully's galley
• Buy more cannons, a stronger hull and faster sails for The Dark Lady.
• You can also use your gold coins to buy charts of new sea areas.
• Look out for messages in bottles, gold treasure and new places to play minigames.
• Trophies, rings and special treasure end up in the treasure room.
• Two difficulty settings: First timer or Real pirate!
• Real pirate adventure in the first game app in Captain Sabertooth's universe!


Size  :  307 MB
Version  : 1.3
Type Game  : Adventure
Requires  :  Android 4.0 And Up
Developed By  :  Ravn Studio
Market Link  : 

 DownloadCaptain Sabertooth 1.3 Apk Data

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Rime Berta v1.00.21 APK


This app may not work with your Android device possibility.
We recommend that you confirmed lite edition operation.
Lite Edition (FREE)

App Details
★A quarter view perspective turn-based Tactical RPG
This is a 2.5D TRPG in which players have a diagonal overview of gameplay.
The map is in 3D, and characters are rendered in the nostalgic "pixel art" style.
On your turn, tap your unit and select either move, attack, or standby to continue the battle.
★Over 100 different skills
Master swords, daggers, spears, bows, magic attacks, recovery magic, support magic, traps, and other various skills to give you the advantage in battle!
During your opponents turn, invoking reaction skills is the key to victory!
★More than 20 different classes
As your skill level increases, you can change to a higher class!
Whether you advance into a simple evolutionary class or a tricky class is up to you.
In the remote village of Sandy there lived a girl named Livia. In an attempt to cure a widespread disease, she climbs a huge tower where a "secret treasure that grants wishes" is said to sleep.
On her way she finds a small resident "puppet" who accompanies her onward.
Inside the tower there are grassy plains and deserts, high mountains, and other mysterious, magical entities.
As she walks, wild puppets begin to attack...
What in the world is on the roof of this tower...?
*The conversation scenes have full voice overs!
★Folk-influenced music
The background music is highly recommended!
If you are interested, the soundtrack is available for purchase.


Size  :  102 MB
Version  : 1.00.21
Type Game  : Action
Requires  :  Android 2.3 And Up
Developed By  :  NEXT-SOFT+
Market Link  : 

 DownloadRime Berta v1.00.21 APK + OBB

Racers Vs Cops : Multiplayer v1.1.8 Mod APK


Hot pursuit is just beginning! In this game you do not only try to escape from police cars, but also you can be a police and get high scores by pursuing and giving damage to street racers. In addition, in multi-player mode you can race with other drivers and be the best highway racer. Make your choice, be a police or racer and race in highway.

You need to be very fast to escape from police cars. Police cars will try to block you, so you need to be carefull. Your car will be damaged when you crash in not only police cars but also other cars in traffic and when your car has too much damage, you will lose the game. You will get points when your car pass other cars closely and when you get rid of police cars.

Follow racers and try to block them by crashing during race. When health of racers drop down to zero they will be disqualified and you will get points. Be careful that you should hit the racers not usual traffic cars. Otherwise you will lose health and lose the game. The more you disqualify the racers the higher you get score.

You can play as driver or police in multiplayer mode with your friends and other real players.
If you choose being police, you need to disqualify the racer during play.If you choose being racer, you need to finish in time without being disqualified by police. Altough, make and model of police car and racer car are same, their technical properties are different.

Cars :
You can get one of tens of cars in many different make and model and in either super sports or classics collections. You can unlock more and more cars with your points so that you can be fastest racer. Not only you can change appearance of your cars using different colors, rims, etc, but also you can modify top speed, brake and maneuver sensitivities.


Size  :  51 MB
Version  : 1.1.8
Type Game  :  Racing
Requires  :  Android 2.3 And Up
Developed By  :   IsAndroid
Market Link  : 

 DownloadRacers Vs Cops : Multiplayer v1.1.8 Mod

FINAL FANTASY V 1.1.0 Full Apk & Obb


FINAL FANTASY V first debuted in 1992 as the fifth installment in the iconic FINAL FANTASY series. This wildly popular RPG was the first in the series to sell over two million copies.
This groundbreaking title allowed players to customize their characters with an unprecedented degree of freedom thanks to a new job and ability system that further improved and refined the job change system used in FINAL FANTASY III. The title also saw the introduction of more detailed and expressive 2D character models, which helped further fuel the player's imagination, making the story even more immersive and fun to play.

Earth, water, fire, and wind...
These are the four crystals that bring peace and prosperity to the world,
but they have lost their power and are now on verge of destruction.
It all started with a strange change in the wind...
Sensing something ominous astir, the young traveler Bartz astride his chocobo, Princess Lenna of Castle
Tycoon, the mysterious Galuf, an old man with a bad case of amnesia, and the pirate captain Faris soon find that fate has brought the former strangers together.
With spirits fired by strong will and purpose, the four heroes set out on an epic adventure.

What's New
Game data can now be saved to the cloud.
Use the cloud save option to commit all of your save data (including quicksaves) to a cloud server, enabling you to access it from other devices. Now you can load your saved games from any device at any time!
Game pads are now supported.
*Some gamepads may be incompatible.
Support for the following languages has been added:
- Russian
- Portuguese
- Thai

We apologize for any convenience these bugs may have caused, and hope you continue to enjoy playing FINAL FANTASY V.


Size  :  144 MB
Version  : 1.1.0
Requires  :  Android 4.0 And Up
Developed By  : SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd
Market Link  :
 Download FINAL FANTASY V 1.1.0 Full Apk & Obb


Install Apk
copy the "com.square_enix.android_googleplay.FFV_GP" Folder to SD Card/android/obb
launch the Game [Internet Required @ 1st Run]

NHL 2K v1.0.0 Full Apk Obb


This year, NHL 2K is back and better than ever! Whet your hockey appetite with the brand-new all-star NHL experience on mobile. Every NHL fan will be able to enjoy exciting new game modes including a fast paced 3v3 mini rink mode, turn-based multiplayer shootouts and an immersive My Career Mode with enhanced graphics and live roster updates. See if you have what it takes to take home the cup in NHL 2K!

• My Career: Control one player and earn skill points to build up ratings over multiple seasons.
• Mini Rink: Fast-paced arcade style 3 on 3 gameplay mode.
• Shootout: Turn-based multiplayer penalty shootout using Google Play. Battle your friends or simply enjoy a fast-paced game.
• Live Roster Updates
• Controller Support


Size  :  322 MB
Version  : 1.0.0
Type Game  :  Sport
Requires  :  Android 4.0 And Up
Developed By  :  2K Games, Inc.
Market Link  : 

 Download NHL 2K v1.0.0 Apk + Obb


Install Apk
copy the "com.t2ksports.nhl2k15" Folder to SD Card/android/obb
launch the Game

Slender Rising 1.0 Apk Obb


Experience the original Slender Rising, that scared millions of people worldwide now on your Android device and you will know that it was worth the wait!
This is what players say:
"The best horror game ever!"
"The first 3 minutes...too scared to play it...."
"If you choose to get 1 horror game, MAKE IT THIS GAME!"
"I love this game. I'm too afraid to play at night!"
"I dropped my iPod and ran away."
"I wish I could give this more than 5 stars, it is so awesome!"
• Day and night modes.
Investigate haunted places during the day and with a flashlight during the night. Additional nightivision and thunderstorm modes for extra shock value!
• Easy controls.
Tap and Swipe to move your character. Multiple optional joystick control schemes.
• Intense horror atmosphere.
Hear frightening sound effects and terrifying music.
Feel the fear as the enemy is coming closer and escape his deadly stare.
• Endless suspense
Find as many of the mysterious signs as you can before the enemy takes you or find 7 signs to escape.


Size  :  383 MB
Version  : 1.0
Type Game  : Adventure
Requires  :  Android 4.0.3 And Up
Developed By  :   Teotl Studios
Market Link  : 

 DownloadSlender Rising 1.0 Apk & Obb


Install Apk
copy the "com.teotlstudios.slenderrising" Folder to SD Card/android/obb
launch the Game

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