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Collection of tutorials for blackberry

  • collection of tutorials for blackberry
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  1. How to install OTA themes & How to Install JAD, JAR, COD, ALX, OTA files on BB Phones
  2. How to change your BlackBerry wallpapers & How To Install Ringtones On Your BlackBerry
  3. How do I reset my BlackBerry? & How to install ZIP files
  4. How to install EXE files & What is a BlackBerry Themes ?
  5. Excellent BlackBerry Storm Tutorial  & How to perform a clean reload of the BlackBerry Device Software
  6. How to use OTALoader to download the OTA & Install OTA files through your desktop
  7. HOW TO DELETE OLD THEME ? & How to Download Blackberry Apps From Blackberry App worlds
  8. How to install android apps on blackberry playbook  & How to transfer iTunes videos to PlayBook ? & How to Change the BlackBerry ID on a BlackBerry PlayBook

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