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Defense Matrix Mod v1.0.0 (Unlimited Money) Apk Free Download

Game Description;

Defense Matrix "is a similar" defensive formation, "the very characteristic of tower defense games, tower defense games are played with the ordinary differ, defensive formation fans must not miss.
In the game, you play as an advance team was appointed commander of the ninth planet in human officers to protect Planet 51 - one filled with pure energy crystals mysterious planet.
But Zerg have also been eyeing here, they will spare no occupation this area, your task is to protect your base on the crystal,
So that we have enough energy to maintain the wormhole open, we will reinforce you.

But now, ready to fight it, all profiled must die!

Game Features;
  • Strong space epic style, ultra-fine hand-painted UI, create epic masterpiece
  • Stunning future weapons, tracking missiles, laser cannons, ion cannons, guns, and even space-based laser weapons
  • 21 Related beautifully designed maps, showing the outer planets and space are stunning views
  • Defensive Matrix like the same game settings, unlike other tower defense games purely defensive mode
  • 3 game modes, and constantly challenge yourself
  • 6 kinds of specially-designed turret, gun Taduo Da seven times each upgrade
  • 32 people waiting for you to get medals race

 Download  Defense Matrix Mod v1.0.0 android
Defense Matrix Mod v1.0.0 Unlimited Money
Size:  33 MB
Required android: 2.3 and up
Download Source Link: Here

  • Download all files below
  • Install apk 
  • Play the game

(Please Buy the original if you want to file and support the developers)
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