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Little Commander WWII TD 1.3.7 Apk Free Download

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Little Commander "is a very cute version of the Q wind lattice towers defense game
Tired of hard-core tower defense games? Try this one super-Q super-simple tower defense bar! Suitable for players of all ages!
War heating up, tanks invaded the city, defenders who lost contact with the main force, is in danger!
In this critical moment, as a commander of your small, how can save your comrades?
In this game, you play as a main force lost contact with a small command, temporarily take over your forces and defense facilities, for resisting a steady stream of enemies.
You can use six kinds of escalating turret can complete up to 15 off defense. Through your constantly trying to transform itself into a truly great commander!

- Fierce World War II spot feelings with cartoon style graphics and excellent sound effects
- Real weapons in World War II: [Bazooka / 155mm Cannon / B-29 Bomber / Panzer VI Ausf. E Tiger / Zeppelin Airship] in cartoon style.
- Simple operations: drag and drop to build, pinch to zoom in/out
- More and more fun: 75 well designed levels & coming more.
- Challenge: 3 different game play modes(Normal, Endless, Single Life)
- Upgrade System: You have 6 turrets which could be upgrade in the armory.
- Variety German troops: 10 Enemy units
- Special Weapons: Call bombers to destroy all enemies by carpet bombing
- Beautiful cartoon style maps: 3 Different Themes and terrains.
- Special for newbies: Enjoy the 'free and easy' casual mode!

We are about to release a new version of Little Commander TD, we will record 30 famous battles int WW II, which contains Normandy landings, Battle of Stalingrad, Poland blitzkrieg, Battle of Moscow, Operation Barbarossa, Battle of Berlin and many more. If you have any suggestions please contact us via our Email.

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Little Commander v.1.3.7 Apk Full

Size: 26  MB
Required android: 2.1 and up
Click Image to PLAYSTORE Link :

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 Download Little Commander v.1.3.7 Android

(Please Buy the original if you want to file and support the developers)
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