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Zombie Combat v1.0 (Unlimited Money) Apk + Data Android Games

Game Review :
Zombie Combat is a type of runner game combined with action factor which is not somewhat similar to a regular “runner” game because a player when on a “runner” game will get points by jumping obstacles and go as much far as possible, but when on Zombie Combat the player must use weapons to kill a large number of zombies and jump to avoid sudden obstacles at the same time.

Features :
  • We have 5 maps in game: City, Desert, Volcano, Ice, Forest
  • In Zombie Combat, guns are regular weapon of the player. There are 6 types of gun whose power ranges from weak to strongest for the player to choose: 
  • Pistol is the weakest but it will never run out of bullet and if it is upgraded to its full power (max level)
  • Spreadshot fires 3 bullets at a time 
  • Rifle can fire continuously at its medium power. 
  • Flame gun
  • Laser gun
  • Bazzoka shooting rockets the strongest one.
  • In each stage, the player can bring 3 types of gun among which Pistol is a must. 
  • In term of defence, the game allows the player to carry pets ( 3 pets ) which can have some special abilities, such as lowering zombies attack or adding blood to the player.
  • Another difference that can be named in Zombie Combat from the other ordinary “runner” games is Bosses ( 5 Bosses). To pass over a stage, the player will have to fight against a powerful boss, therefore, the player must use his weapons wisely from the beginning to save bullets for the special guns in order to kill the boss easier.

Zombie Combat v1.0

Size: 46 MB
Required android: 2.3 and up

  • Download all files Above
  • Install apk 
  • Play the game
 Download Zombie Combat
(Please Buy the original if you want to file and support the developers)
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