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Decrease Screen Brightness below Minimum on Android

Set screen brightness to minimum. But still not enough in night, in the bed? It happens to most of us. When it is full dark, this minimum brightness is not good for you eye. You will feel little strain in you eyes. That means you have to decrease the screen brightness below the minimum value. Even the auto brightness will not help. So here is a effective and simple method to reduce/ decrease screen brightness below minimum in android phones. No rooting is required.

How to Reduce/ Decrease Screen Brightness below Minimum on Android
You cannot do it with the existing apps. You have to download a third party app called 'Screen Filter'. It can reduce brightness to very low value. Even make it fully dark. It is available for free in Play store. But here i have i given the one click download link of 'Screen Filter' and also screenshots

Download Screen Filter Free for Android 


Via Direct Link OR Via mediafire.com

(Please Buy the original if you want to file and support the developers)
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