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How to Download Paid Android Apps from Google Play

As you know most of the apps/ games in Google Play are free. Even though there are trail and free versions most of them have limitations or will be full of ads. (i have already posted on how to remove ads from Android Apps). But this technique is really different. You can download and install any paid application on Google Play for free. This is a 100% working technique. You can also Download and install paid android games for free using this technique. Given below are the steps to do it. phonegame8.com

How to Download and Install Paid Apps from Google Play for Free
Note: There are 3 steps involved here. Carefully read them. First one is find the application. Second is downloading the application and finally third one is installing them without any errors

Step 1: Find the Application on Google Play (optional)
The first thing you need to do is to find the required application on Google Play. If you find the application, just note down the 'version' of applications. You will find the version in 'What's new' (else in 'Description') for example v1.2.3

Step 2: Download the  Application's APK file
You may be wondering how will you get the paid application. Given below is the method.
  1. Download and Install 4shared application
  2. Open 4shared application and create an account (others sign in)
  3. From the menu select 'Advanced Search'. Not ordinary search
  4. In the file name give the name of application with version number ex: TurboFly 3D v1.2.3 (or Turbofly full)
  5. Select 'Android Apps' from 'Type of file' and search
  6. Many applications will be listed. Download the first one
NOTE: After downloading DON'T INSTALL. Go for step 3 

After downloading, when you try to install the app, 90% apps will not get install. This is because while installing they check for license in Google Play. If not it will not be installed. So we have to remove license verification. Here are the steps

  2.  Open Lucky Pathcer
  3.  Select 'Rebuild and Install'Select the downloaded file from 4Shared
       (usually in sdcard/4SHARED.COM)

  4.  From the menu select 'Rebuild' then select 'Apk with removed License Verification'Select
      Auto mode  and click 'Rebuild Application'

  5.  New APK file will be created in "sdcard/LuckyPatcher/Modified". Install it through
       LuckyPatcher itself..
  6.  Done..!!!

 If any application had not worked or got any type of errors please comment below. I will surely find a solution for you.
(Please Buy the original if you want to file and support the developers)
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