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How To Move Apps to SD Card on Android


One of the great disadvantage you feel when using Android is that internal memory becomes full. That's why new Android Smart Phones comes with 4GB or above internal memory. But for some old or low end Android phones will have low internal memory.  An app developer can decide where should the app must be installed. Usually they choose internal memory considering speed and boot up. But since it is our phone and we bought it, we should decide where it should be installed.

How to Move Apps to SD Card :
NOTE: Root access required
  1.     Download and Install Link2sd or Here
  2.     Open Link2sd
  3.     All apps will be listed (you can filter internal apps only if you want)
  4.     Select the application you want
  5.     Click on 'Move to SD'
  6.     Done...

(Please Buy the original if you want to file and support the developers)
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