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SetCPU - Control Android CPU Speed Automatically

Most of you know that after rooting your Android phone CPU speed can be increased. The process of increasing CPU speed is called 'overclocking'. Most of you are familiar with the word. Overclocking surely increase speed of Android. But overclocking has many disadvantages. It consumes more battery, heat up the battery, decrease phone's life.

What about automatically adjusting CPU speed. Increase CPU speed when it is necessary (like playing games) and decrease CPU speed when heavy loads is not necessary (when screen is off, when you sleep). So SetCPU is here to help you.

What is SetCPU and how to use SetCPU

SetCPU is a app (requires root) which can increase or decrease CPU speed according to your wish. You can define many conditions/ profiles to controls the CPU speed. For example when the screen is off the CPU speed will be decreased. When screen is off CPU speed decreases. When battery is low CPU speed decreases. You can set such many profiles and condition and priority.  (app, day, time, battery temperature and many more). By doing this your battery life will be much much better, because one of the main reason for battery life in Android is due to high CPU usage.

Download and install SetCPU. Create profiles as your wish. For example create two profile screen off and on. In screen off set cpu minimum. Thus CPU will be less used. Look at the screenshots for more profiles

Download SetCPU Free for Android [root]

Via Mediafire OR Via 4shared.com

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