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Tales of the World: Tactics Union v1.07 Review :

A full-scale simulation RPG for Smartphone from the "TALES OF" series!
New battles and stories developed with this series' successive generation of characters
~A place where everyone visits without knowing~
"Reveria", a world formed by the gathering of dreams of inhabitants of many worlds.
The "Reflet Clan" that lives there, preserve balance in the world by purifying "Ghouls" that are the incarnation of nightmares and darkness in the hearts of people.

However Ghouls, who previously had no form, have recently taken shape as demons.
Only Reflets called "Dream Keepers" can oppose the manifested form of Ghouls.
However one day, those Dream Keepers all vanished at once.
The remaining powerless infant Reflets, try to call upon people called "Sleeping Awakers", with the power to oppose the manifested form of Ghouls, from the Waking World.

◆◆◆A large party play style, overflowing with strategy that can't be found in RPGs!◆◆◆

~Control characters varied in personality with direct touch screen controls!~

【Basic Controls】
Move: Tap where to move
Attack: After tapping where to move, tap the target within the attack area
Artes: After tapping the “Arts” icon, select an Arte you use and tap the target character
Overlimit: When the Overlimit gauge is full tap the gauge
Mystic Artes: With Overlimit engaged select an Arte from the list

【Popularity System】
Raise the popularity level by dispatching specific characters to the same map and acting jointly.
If the popularity level is high then skits between characters will occur in fun popularity events, and special abilities such as “Link” and “Protect” will become available.

【Game Play Tricks】
・As you advance in the story your allies will increase! Get lots of allies!
・If you advance in the story, you can raise your level in areas that have already been cleared. Develop your favorite character!
・Create a party considering the balance between attackers, defenders, healers, etc.!
・Understand each character's abilities and characteristics, and expand your strategic parameters!
・Target the enemy's weak attributes to deal great damage! You'll also need to pay attention to the attributes of the skills you use!
・Level up with Memory Fragments obtained after battles! Collect rare Fragments to learn powerful Artes and Skills!

◆◆◆Free fun additional contents delivered one after another!◆◆◆

EX Stages with new characters and EX Mission of arenas will be delivered all 6 times.

【Scheduled for Initial Distribution】
・First EX Stage: “Trees of Shiver”, New characters: Ruca & Rita
・EX Mission arena

Game Info :

Size: 45 MB
Required android: 2.2 and up
Market Link :

Instruction :
  • Download all files below
  • Install APK
  • Run the Game
Download Tales of the World: Tactics Union v1.07

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(Please Buy the original if you want to file and support the developers)
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