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Sky Force 2014 1.20 MOD Full Game Apk


The legendary mobile game has returned to celebrate the birthday of the 10th with a super destructive. The thrill of classic arcade games shoot'em-ups combined with smart phone technology that most gress, 2014 Sky Force offers a gaming experience shooting with social game elements are very enjoyable.
Ten years ago, IGN admitted, "In short, Sky Force was amazing." Gets 9.5 out of 10 ratings, Sky Force game inevitably dominate the world of mobile phones.
The legend has returned, now bigger, bolder and far more powerful.
Anniversary edition has 10 amazing series and supported by 3D graphics, intuitive touch screen control and system updates that make you great to be able to fight for hours without stopping.
Tournament takes place at the level of weekly new unique when you're fighting to the death against the legions of players other Sky Force 2014, offering a great gift not only for the victory, but also for saving another pilot who had been dropped!
The game is not a game firing pulses. Adrenaline game plus a row achievement that can be achieved are able to make regular gamers and hardcore gamers addicted when you increase the sophistication of your ship and bring it in to the battlefield increasingly matchless.


* A variety of exciting levels with cool mission that must be completed.
* Various extreme battle against boss enemy.
* Increase the sophistication protector, guns, missiles, lasers, bombs and mega magnet you.
* Stake everything to save civilians.
* Tournament latest weekly against other players.
* Increase your final scores with achievement in the game.
* Save the fallen enemies to gain extra lives and stars.
* Can be played by beginners as well as hardcore gamers shoot class.
* Sound background and complete electronic soundtrack blaring.


Size         :   94 MB
Version     :   1.20
Requires   : Android 4.1 and up
Developed By  :  Infinite Dreams
Market Link :

Download Sky Force 2014 1.20 MOD

(Please Buy the original if you want to file and support the developers)
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