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Dungeon Gems v1.0.1f Android


Join players from around the world in a free game full of action dragon, fantasy, and this puzzle! Experience the thrilling short puzzle gameplay with RPG-style strategic management role.

»Pull your finger in Rune Elementary. Connect runes in the puzzle to trigger an attack rune magic of your champion.
»Connect rune with the same color to release the focus attack or ...
»Connect runes color differences for multi-elemental fire rune attacks are devastating. But be warned: This action will require Action Points yours.

Recruited a group of hotshot
»Find a formidable 220 ​​RPG hero backed by different types of Rune.
»Choose wisely: Every hero has a unique role and can release elemental attacks, but vulnerable to certain rune.
»Strengthen your favorite hero and develop them into a new form that is legendary!

DO NOT fight alone
»Stand up higher than your enemies and kill the dragon with the help of your friends. Recruit them and be their savior in their darkest moments.
»Choose your allies wisely, because you need the right hero and their powers to defeat certain enemies.
»Compare progresmu with your friends and get a bonus when completing each nest together.

»Enjoy amazing fantasy storyline brings depth to the top of the tower nest dragon.
»Face the hero and monsters as you fight to uncover the mystery of the dragon sleeping tough.
»Master the power of the runes and the dynamics of the role of each group to liberate humanity from the threat of the Dragon.


Size         :   28 MB
Version    :   1.0.1f
Requires  :  Android 4.0 and Up
Developed By  :  Gameloft
Market Link :

 Download Dungeon Gems v1.0.1f

(Please Buy the original if you want to file and support the developers)
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