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Dread Fighter 1.1 MOD MONEY Apk


There is a legend about a cruel god.He built a tower.Anybody who can get on the top of the tower,God can meet him a wish.Then a brave young man began this dangerous journeys...
How to play:
The Button on the left-bottom is used to control movement.
There are 5 buttons on the right-bottom.The middle one is attack button,and others are Attack Magic Skills Buttons.
Top left icon is the attribute of the hero.You can choose the equipment with tapping it.
There are 4 buttons on the top-right,the first one is store,second one is task,the third one is map,and last one is pause
Game feature:
Eleven different maps,the forest、the wild、the village、the tower......
All kinds of different monsters,be careful,they are very dangerous!
Five curel BOSS,the wolves,the demon and so on.the awards are abundant if you can defeat them.
Four kinds of skills,sumptuous and powerful.
The world needs you to save.Come on and fight with your sword!


Size         :   23 MB
Version    :   1.1
Requires  :   Android 2.2 and up
Developed By  :  Jumbos Games
Type        :   Arkade 
Market Link :
 Download Dread Fighter 1.1 MOD MONEY Apk

(Please Buy the original if you want to file and support the developers)
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