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Installing Two Whatsapp on One Phone Android

Most of us have dual sim phones and want whatsapp to be installed for both numbers ( different numbers ) but Whatsapp doesn't allow us to do that.There are some methods which difficult or requires root access.

BUT when i was trying to find a way for it i found with this OG WHATSAPP
It is easy

1. Android Phone
2. Internet
3. Two Numbers
4. Brain
5. two thumbs

Yes, Root is NOT REQUIRED .

Steps :

Check The source @xda (link below )
1. Clear WhatsApp data
Go to System Settings then Apps then WhatsApp then Clear Data ( If messed then unistall whatspp then reinstall after step 5)
2.Verify 1st number in WhatsApp ( not necessary )
3.Open ANY file manager Change "whatsapp" folder name to "OGWhatsapp"
4. Download OGWhatsapp and Install 
5. Verify your number (one you used before in WhatsApp) in OGWhatsApp
6.Open Whatapp and verify 2nd number

If you are lazy to read above then
Running the old number on OG Version and the new number on official :
1.Take a backup for your messages (In case you want the messages)
2.Clear WhatsApp data (or reinstall it)
3.Rename /sdcard/WhatsApp folder to /sdcard/OGWhatsApp
4.In OG version verify the old number, and in official version verify the new one

Source : http://www.erodov.com/forums/installing-two-whatsapp-one-phone/73461.html

(Please Buy the original if you want to file and support the developers)
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