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Top Paid Android Apps, Games and Themes Pack

Top Paid Android Apps, Games & Themes Pack

A collection of games and applications for android, update 5 september 2015
Size: 1537 MB 
format: APK 
sprache: GER/ENG
 system: Android 
Medizin: – No Password

  • ABBYY Lingvo Dictionaries v4.1.219.0.apk
  • Adblock Plus v1.2.1.334.apk
  • Apk Downloader v1.17 Adfree.apk
  • App Share - Facebook G+Email [IAP Unlocked] v2.0.3 build 11.apk
  • Atlas Web Browser Plus (Ad free) v1.0.1.0.apk
  • Badoo Premium 2.46.3.apk
  • Balto Speed Reading v3.7d.apk
  • Battery Defender - 1 Tap Saver [IAP Unlocked] v1.1.7 build 104.apk
  • Buzz Launcher (Ad free) v1.5.5.16.apk
  • Calc+FULL Powerful calculator v1.0.2.apk
  • Camera ZOOM FX Premium v5.4.5.apk
  • Cinema FV-5 v1.29.apk
  • Clean Master Phone Boost v5.8.3 build 50832157 (Ad free).apk
  • CM Browser - Fast & Secure v5.0.72 (Ad free).apk
  • Convertor Pro v7.0.apk
  • Dolphin Express v11.2.1 (Ad free).apk
  • dream EPG Premium v3.5.5.apk
  • Drum Kits v1.2(Ad free).apk
  • Event Flow Calendar Widget Premium v1.4.2 build 22.apk
  • Evernote v6.0(Ad free).apk
  • FauxSound Audio Sound Control v1.4.5 Patched.apk
  • Flud (Ad free) v0.9.8.4.apk
  • Folder Lock Pro v1.0.2.apk
  • Full Screen Caller ID PRO v10.1.1.apk
  • GARMIN viewer PRO v1.3.10.apk
  • Lockdown Pro Premium - App Lock v1.3.0 build 35.apk
  • Locus Map Pro - Outdoor GPS v3.2.2.apk
  • MacroDroid - Device Automation PRO v2.4.0.apk
  • MailDroid Pro v3.66 [Patched].apk
  • Minuum Keyboard v2.12.1.apk
  • Month The Calendar Widget [Unlocked] v1. build 13.apk
  • Music Player v2.5.1 Ad-Free by Mobile_V5.apk
  • MX Player ARMv7 (Tegra 2) Codec v1.7.31.apk
  • MX Player ARMv7 (Tegra 3) Codec v1.7.31.apk
  • MX Player Intel x86 Codec 1.7.31.apk
  • MX Player Pro v1.7.31 Patched.apk
  • NFC Tools - Pro Edition v1.9.apk
  • Oxford Handbook of Emergency Nursing v2.0.1.apk
  • Pandora Patcher v3.5.2.apk
  • Paper Camera v4.3.1.apk
  • Portrait Painter v1.134.apk
  • PRO PDF Reader v4.0.1.apk
  • ProCapture v1.7.4 build 81.apk
  • ProtectedApps Donate [Unlocked] v2.0.0 build 200.apk
  • Runtastic PRO v5.2.1.apk
  • SD Maid Pro - System Cleaning Tool v3.0.4.1 RC 2 Patched.apk
  • SD Maid Pro - Unlocker v3.0.0.5.apk
  • Secret Video Recorder Pro v18.6.apk
  • SwiftKey Keyboard & Free Emoji v5.0.3.26 Final (ARM)(Ad free).apk
  • SwiftKey Keyboard & Free Emoji v5.0.3.26 Final (X86)(Ad free).apk
  • TaoMix - Relaxing Sounds Mixer v1.1.14 Full.apk
  • Tweetings for Twitter v6.3.1.apk
  • UnbelovedHosts Donate v2.1.0.apk
  • uTorrent Pro - Torrent App v2.18.apk
  • Volume Ace v3.3.0 Patched.apk
  • Wheres My Droid PRO v5.2.2.apk
  • WiFi Manager Premium v3.0.6.apk
  • WorldMate Gold v6.0.4.apk
  • XnInstant Camera Pro - Selfie v1.14.apk
  • XnRetro Pro v1.72.apk
  • XPrivacy Pro v3.1 build 418 Stable Final [Unlocked].apk
  • YoWindow Weather v1.0.23.apk
  • ZPlayer v4.05 build 219.apk


  • Candy Crush Saga v1.37.0 [Mod 1].apk
  • Candy Crush Saga v1.37.0 [Mod 2].apk
  • Candy Crush Saga v1.37.0 [Mod 3].apk
  • City Island Airport ™ v2.1.0 [Mod Money].apk
  • City Island v2.20.2 [Mod Money].apk
  • CrossMe Nonograms v2.1.40 (Unlocked).apk
  • Deep Deep Dungeon v1.0.1 [Mod Money].apk
  • Diamond Dash v2.0.2 (20210).apk
  • Diamond Digger Saga v1.1.1 [Mod].apk
  • Double Gun v14.8.17 [Unlimited Gold XP].apk
  • Drift Zone v1.1.2 [Mod Money].apk
  • Garden Mania v1.4.2 (Free Shopping).apk
  • Geometry Dash v1.811 [Patched].apk
  • Saram 3D Part One v1.0 (Free Shopping).apk
  • Tiki Monkeys v1.5.0 [Mod Money].apk
  • Tiny Diver v1.1 [Unlimited Coins Gems].apk
  • Warriors v1.1 [Unlimited Coins].apk
  • Zombie Road Trip Trials v1.1.1.2 [Full Mod Money].apk


  • 3D ROOMAGE GO LOCKER THEME v1.00 (Unlocked).apk
  • 3K Glass White - Icon Pack v1.2.4.apk
  • 3K SR WHITE - Icon Pack v1.3.3.apk
  • Arcadehoops GO Locker Theme v1.00 (Unlocked).apk
  • ARTEMIS GO LOCKER THEME v1.00 (Unlocked).apk
  • Axis - Icon Pack v2.5.6.apk
  • Black Chrometalix - Icon Pack v1.02.apk
  • CleanOrigin Apex Nova GO ADW v4.0.apk
  • DEMURE CM11- PA -CARBON Theme v1.0.apk
  • Flattington CM11PA theme v1.3.apk
  • GO SMS MANGO ANIMATED STICKER v1.1 (Unlocked).apk
  • GO SMS Pro Z Memo Theme EX v1.0 (Unlocked).apk
  • GO SMS PRO AiBlue ThemeEX v1.0 (Unlocked).apk
  • GO SMS Pro Bear Lovers Theme v1.0 (Unlocked).apk
  • GO SMS PRO BLOOM THEME EX v1.0 (Unlocked).apk
  • GO SMS Pro Briefness Theme EX v1.0 (Unlocked).apk
  • GO SMS PRO CARDS THEME EX v1.0 (Unlocked).apk
  • GO SMS Pro Claw It Theme EX v1.0 (Unlocked).apk
  • GO SMS Pro Clean Theme EX v1.0 (Unlocked).apk
  • GO SMS Pro Fresh Theme EX v1.0 (Unlocked).apk
  • GO SMS Pro Light Theme EX v1.0 (Unlocked).apk
  • GO SMS PRO LITTLE MOKY STICKER v1.0 (Unlocked).apk
  • GO SMS Pro Love Petal Theme EX v1.0 (Unlocked).apk
  • GO SMS Pro Masec Theme EX v1.0 (Unlocked).apk
  • GO SMS PRO MOCMOC STICKER v1.1 (Unlocked).apk
  • GO SMS PRO ROYAL THEME EX v1.0 (Unlocked).apk
  • GO SMS PRO UNIQUE THEME EX v1.0 (Unlocked).apk
  • GO SMS PRO UNIVERSE THEME EX v1.0 (Unlocked).apk
  • GO SMS Pro Z Flat Theme EX v1.0 (Unlocked).apk
  • GO SMS Pro Z Rayna Theme EX v1.0 (Unlocked).apk
  • Goolors Square - icon pack v2.7.0.9.apk
  • I Miss You - GO Launcher Theme v1.0 (Unlocked).apk
  • iSEA GO Theme Launcher v1.0 (Unlocked).apk
  • Joker GO Locker Reward Theme v1.1 (Unlocked).apk
  • K-Program GO Locker Theme v1.0 (Unlocked).apk
  • Kermes GO Launcher Theme v1.0 (Unlocked).apk
  • Luxury Pink GO Launcher Theme v1.0 (Unlocked).apk
  • Machinery GO Launcher Theme v1.0 (Unlocked).apk
  • Machinery GO Locker Theme v1.00 (Unlocked).apk
  • MarX GO LOCKER THEME v1.10 (Unlocked).apk
  • Mastlion GO Launcher Theme v1.0 (Unlocked).apk
  • materiaL CM11 Theme v1.1.apk
  • Mediterranean GOLauncher Theme v1.0 (Unlocked).apk
  • Minimal White - Icon Pack v2.2.3.apk
  • MIUI FLAT - CM11PAMahdi v6.1.apk
  • NEONIC ICONPACK v5.0.apk
  • Numix Fold icon pack v1.0.8.apk
  • Onyx Glow GO Apex Nova Theme v1.9.9.apk
  • Pet Egg GO Locker Theme v1.00 (Unlocked).apk
  • Prism Rasta - CM11 Theme v1.0.apk
  • Pumpkin Car GO Launcher Theme v1.0 (Unlocked).apk
  • QUIET GO LOCKER THEME v1.00 (Unlocked).apk
  • ReBorn Red - AOSPCM Theme v2.7.apk
  • Sawcut Round - Icon Pack v1.00.apk
  • Simplicity Burgundy CM11 Theme v1.4.5.apk
  • Sliding GO Locker Theme v1.00 (Unlocked).apk
  • Soft Cream GO Launcher Theme v1.0 (Unlocked).apk
  • Space City Colony 3D LWP v1.6.apk
  • Sparkle GO Launcher Theme v1.0 (Unlocked).apk
  • STARRY GO LOCKER THEME v1.1 (Unlocked).apk
  • Starry Sky GO Locker Theme v1.00 (Unlocked).apk
  • SuperFighter GO Launcher Theme v1.0 (Unlocked).apk
  • Teddy GO LauncherEX Theme v1.0 (Unlocked).apk
  • Wallpaper Wizardrii™ Pro v1.0.0.9.apk
  • White Line Go Apex Nova Theme v1.9.9.apk
  • XmasGift Next Launcher Theme v1.3 (Unlocked).apk
  • ZEDGE™ Ringtones & Wallpapers v4.3.4 [Ad-Free].apk

Download Top Paid Android Apps, Games and Themes Pack

(Please Buy the original if you want to file and support the developers)
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