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HDR FX Photo Editor Pro v1.5.6 APK


HDR FX Photo Editor provide the best and most vibrant HDR as seen on any mobile platform, and this is all done from only one image. Use the slider to get the same HDR look you admired on many photographic sites. With the proper adjustments you can have professional results with HDR Effect. The result will be similar to a professional photo camera HDR. You can also give a dramatic black and white effect to your images with a few touches. HDR FX also provides a choice of sepia. In addition you can apply HDR effects Curve adjustments to your photos. We give you the same tool with a desktop photo application that famous'. One of the most used tools of the adjustment curve desktop applications. Witt HDR Fx Curve adjustments now under your fingers. You can make adjustments to the curves in red green and blue channels you can apply it directly to the rgb channels. HDR FX also provides another important tool edit photo called Levels. You can achieve professional results by adjusting the black and white tone adjustments or applying gamma adjustment with a single touch. Another great feature of the HDR FX is, frames, HDR FX comes with dozens of different frame options.
We have added a new feature with the latest updates, now you can apply a pre set 50 different hdr effects to your photos with one click. If you want to make some changes to the effects you can only apply effects and make adjustments and changes to the parameters you can get the effect of completely unique outcome.
The Pro version gives you:
Results of full resolution.
Red, green, blue channel curve adjustment options.
Also remove the ads.
Added new feature: PLANT


17 overlay effects and new bokeh
50 new HDR effects
Opacity adjustment on a combination of results
HDR as our results with a special algorithm
HDR Control Circles
Options composite curve (red, green, blue Pro-specific)
gamma correction
The level of adjustment (adjustment of tonal black and white)
contrast adjustment
brightness adjustment
Unsharp filter
Black and white images
sepia image
Saturation adjustment.
Dramatic black and white results
Put frames and borders to your photos.
Put your picture borders and frames
Make your images more dramatic with new textures
Vignette filters
New changing tool.
Rotate left and right images.
Image flip horizontally or vertically.
Align the image with the Straighten tool ..
Flip horizontally and vertically.
Millions of combinations of different adjustments.
Export Photos to Twitter
Export Photo to Facebook
Change the storage location of the display settings to the directory you want.
Sharing Pictures on Instagram
Resize a picture before saving.


Size  :  19 MB
Version  : 1.5.6
Type Game  :  Fotografi
Requires  :  Android 2.3 And Up
Developed By  :  Lyrebird Studio
Market Link  : 

 DownloadHDR FX Photo Editor Pro v1.5.6 APK

(Please Buy the original if you want to file and support the developers)
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