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Latest Android Game 1 to 9 February 2015 worth Tested..!

A number of new Android games visited the Google Play Store since the beginning of February. Renowned developers seem still continue to bear the title of the new game concept is quite interesting and not to be missed.

1. Gunner Z

Android games themed zombie is no death. Carried with a somewhat different concept, Gunner Z invites gamers to feel the swish of adrenaline while at the same speed to blow the heads of the zombies with guns in the truck.

2. RaidHunter

Games with colors already countless anime, RaidHunter it certainly was not the first. However, the new concept of this game has to offer plus the graphics are nicely laid out a way, and it seems very likely RaidHunter would be the most promising challenger.
There are at least 200 weapons which can be found in the game. Each mission to save different rewards to be collected. Select the most appropriate whiz by you and be the best.

Download: Google Play - Free

3. Day of the Viking

Day of the Vikings could be categorized as a tower defense game despite the many touches here and there that makes the game look more colorful and not monotonous. Graphic design with a neat animation concepts a plus that could determine the survival game.

Download: Google Play - Free

4. Bloons Monkey City

The combination of tower defense and simulation is very strong in this game. Goals you need to accomplish is to seize other regions and build a new city with your own concept. But of course you do not play alone, there are thousands of other players who want to be on top, that's the time you act and compete with them.

Download: Google Play - Free

5. Crevice Hero

Crevice Hero is a game of adventure as you find in Mario Bros. and Sonic. The biggest difference lies in this game retro design and the story told.
There are some characters that can be used, the choice is yours as well as how far your hero can survive in petualannya.

Download: Google Play - Free

(Please Buy the original if you want to file and support the developers)
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